Good Dares for Truth or Dare: Play It Crazy

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Truth and dare is among the most popular games across the globe. Particularly, when a group of friends is together, it is likely that they will go for truth and dare. While playing the game, one or more than one of your friend may choose the option of dare due to the fact that they do not want to speak the truth, or they are what you can call as a daredevil. To such people, you might be willing to give some crazy dares and make them pay for their choice. Before you give some good dares for truth or dare, you must understand what does a dare mean.

What is the Meaning of Dare?

A dare can also be referred to as a challenge. When you are saying someone that I dare you, it means that you are challenging that person to do something. For example, you are saying someone that “I dare you to slap the person sitting on the bench” means that you are challenging that person to slap someone who is sitting on the bench. There are a number of people about whom you may have heard that they are a daredevil. It means that those people have always taken their challenges seriously and leave no stone unturned in completing it. Such people do not turn their back on the tough things. Instead, they give everything they have to reach the final line.

When it comes to the game of truth and dare, it is like you are giving a challenge to your fellow. It should neither be too easy so that the person can perform it without any problem. Nor the challenge should be too difficult that they person cannot complete it. The best thing is to stay inside the box where you are playing while you are giving the dare because it is the place where you people are playing the game and a place where you can do anything. However, there are times when you may like to involve the outsiders in order to embarrass the person who is getting the challenge. It is okay depending on the type of dare that you are giving to the person. While you are giving dare, ensure that this does not lead to any injury to the next person. Particularly when it comes to the physical dares, keep in mind the physique and athleticism of the person who is going to perform it.

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Good Dares for Truth or Dare

While you play the game, here are some good dares for truth or dare. You may ask the next person to:

good dares for truth or dare

  • Remove your shirt and do not put it on for the rest of the game.
  • Remove your pants and do not put it on for the rest of the game.
  • Play rest of the game is acting like a dumb.
  • Spend whole night out of the house without informing anyone in the house.
  • Do not speak for the rest of the game. Play it completely with your actions.
  • Only use the actions for the rest of the night in order to convey what you need or what you want. Do not speak anything to anyone.
  • Remove the shirt and go into the street. Act like you are a mad person and dance in the street for 5 minutes.
  • Sit on the lap of next person while playing the rest of the game.
  • Open your contact list and call someone randomly. Act like you are drunk and say something foolish.
  • Stand on your head for a minute.
  • Do 30 push-ups in one minute.
  • Do 30 sit-ups in less than a minute.
  • Take paper and pencil to write a letter. Do not name anyone. List everything that you want to say to your crush.
  • Call your crush and tell that you live him or her.
  • Take off your shirt and wash it with cold water. Then wear it again and play rest of the game while wearing that wet t-shirt.
  • Go to the street with the bucket of chilling water and throw it on yourself.
  • Press the shirt or pant of every person who is sitting in that room.
  • Eat a bar of pure chocolate at once.
  • Brush the teeth of the person who is sitting next to you.
  • Clean and polish the shoes of everyone who is sitting in that room.
  • Go on the street and perform the Gangnam dance.
  • Go to the park nearby and sing a song loudly.
  • Post on your Facebook that you are looking for a sincere guy or girl for relationship.
  • Post a status of 1000 word on Facebook without any reason.
  • Sing loudly a song that you like and post it on your Facebook.
  • Put some ice cubes in your shirt and tuck it in so that they cannot come out of it. Then sit with them in your shirt and wait until they melt.
  • Stand on one leg for a minute.
  • Jump on one leg continuously for thirty seconds.
  • Empty your purse completely in front of your friends.
  • Empty your wallet complete in front of your friends.
  • Perform belly dance for one minute and make its video. Then upload it to YouTube.
  • Scream as loud as you can for 10 seconds.
  • Call an unknown number and scold that person without any reason.
  • Frog jumping from one end of the room or lawn to the other end.
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The above are certain good dares for truth or dare. Hope that you will find these helpful while you are playing the game. You must keep in mind that it is just a game that you are playing with your friends. Keep your head cool and play the game like it is meant to be played. Trick your friends make them laugh and do everything that you can to enjoy your time together.

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