Brazilian Wax – How Long Does It Last?

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Don’t know what is a Brazilian wax? Then don’t worry. In this article we will discuss Brazilian waxing is a modern and efficient way of removing unwanted hairs from the private parts. This method is not only popular among women but men are also using this waxing type. However, a lot of people think that Brazilian wax is a painful method. This method is not that expensive. Some salons charges around 50 US dollars, which is not costly. Always remember one thing that higher price is not the guaranty of the quality service and a less price is not the sign of the bad service.

How long does a Brazilian wax last_

The frequent asked question by the first-timers is, “How long does a Brazilian wax last?” The correct answer is; it totally depends on the growth of the hairs. On the other hand, there are many other things that matters a lot and ill discuss these things one by one below:

If you are the regular user of the Brazilian wax, then it keeps your wax area hair free for at least 2-3 weeks but after that the beard in the tiniest amount will appear. In reality, the area remains smooth for 4-6 weeks. However, if you are getting a Brazilian wax for the first time then, little bit of stubble will appear after 8 days because some of your pubic hair may have been below the skin while getting the Brazilian wax and these hidden below the skin hairs are ready to come out after some days.

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The More You get the Wax the Longer your wax will remain. After some waxes sittings some women hairs doesn’t grow back but others hair grows back soon but not as thick as before. The best trick to do a Brazilian wax is to remove the hair roots from the follicles under the skin surface. If hair breaks from the follicle while being pulled, the root stays in and grow back in a quick way.

Some beauty salons that offer the facility of the Brazilian wax use the harder waxes because it is less painful while ripping out the pubic hairs, but hard wax normally break the hair directly above the follicle than the soft wax. If you can bear little extra pain, then you should say to your beauty salon to use soft wax as compared to the hard wax.

Temperature and Food also effect on the growth of the hairs. Hair grows faster in the hot condition So, it is important to get the Brazilian wax done in the summer, especially if your job is attached to the outdoor activity. Apart from the Temperature, some foods are also the main cause of the faster hair growth, but people don’t believe in this thing. Foods that are fully packed with the omega-3 like salmon, dark green vegetables, beans, and nuts make the hair growth faster.

Last but not the least, age factor also affects pubic hair growth. If you are more than 30 then the growth decreases. Just because of this reason, older women may get a Brazilian wax more than the younger women.

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