How to Watch Episode 1 of “House of the Dragon”: Stream Game of Thrones spin-off free in the UK

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House of the Dragon viewing instructions: The first episode of the prequel series to Game of Thrones is now available. Here’s how to catch the premiere episode this weekend in the UK.

House of the Dragon Episode 1

The Game of Thrones saga ended so terribly that interest in the series has been waning over the past few years. However, Westeros fans are eager to return to the dragon, so to speak, now that the first spin-off series is underway.

This weekend marks the long-awaited release of House of the Dragon, which revisits House Targaryen 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. Currently, Daenerys’ ancestors are in charge of the seven kingdoms, supported by their dependable fire-breathing winged monsters.

The series, which stars Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cook, and Paddy Considine, has received some incredibly positive early reviews. This gives fans faith that the television adaptations of George R.R. Martin’s well-known books will succeed.

Continue reading to learn how to watch House of the Dragon Episode 1 on your home’s greatest TV. Additionally, you’ll discover what time House of the Dragon Episode 1 will be shown on TV and streamed live. We’ll also discuss the first season’s plot and trailer.

How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 1

House of the Dragon is an HBO exclusive in the United States and a Sky Atlantic exclusive in the United Kingdom, as was the case with Game of Thrones. So, to watch it, you’ll need some form of Sky membership. The first episode is available on channel 108 if you already have a subscription to Sky Q or Sky Glass, for instance.

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Thanks to Sky’s NOW streaming service, you may also sign up to see the premiere without making a lengthy commitment. The Now Entertainment Membership, which costs just £9.99 each month, includes Sky Atlantic. You may sign up for Now here and receive a 7-day no-obligation trial as a new subscriber.

The good news for British viewers is that they won’t have to worry about spoilers because Episode 1 is being simulcast in the UK and the US at the same time. similar to how Game of Thrones used to be!

The hour-long premiere will be available at 2:00 BST on Sunday, August 21/Monday, August 22.

House of the Dragon plot and trailer

As a result, we already have a decent understanding of House of the Dragon’s main themes thanks to the book’s original text, Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin. With only 773 pages in all, it doesn’t quite have the depth of the “Fire and Ice” story, but it’s still quite big.

We witness her House at its prime, though not without some familial strife, in this scene that takes place a few centuries before Dany starts her quest to reclaim the Iron Throne. As the Targaryen heirs contend for the position of King Viserys, some have referred to it as “Succession with Dragons.” This will eventually turn into the civil conflict known as the Dance of Dragons, according to legend. Here, we’ll get to watch the introduction and, most likely, the war itself in following seasons.

The House of the Dragon final trailer is available below:

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