15 Most Effective Fitness Tips To Get Lean And Toned For The New Year

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Achieveing the body you really want is easier said than done. If you are searching for new tips on how to get your dream body, you’re on right place.

Here are 15 proven tips & tricks to get lean and toned body:

1. If you’re ready to start running, you’ll need to find the right sneakers. Make sure to find the best sneakers that suit your feet and the street!

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2. Many devout runners swear that running gives them a “high”. but is it all in their head? Actually, yes – running has been proven to have a positive effect on brain chemistry!

Fitness tips

3. Biking increases circulation, strengthens muscles and improves your mood! You can cycle indoors, outdoors, on your own or with other people. You may even find you want to start biking to work!

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4. As you grow older, add running to your exercise regimen. It improves your cardio and helps you stay in shape. Recent studies prove that older runners can decrease their risk of chronic disease and live approximately three years longer.

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5. Balance exercises help to strengthen the core and improve one’s posture, coordination and athletic skill. Incorporating yoga poses into your routine can help you to find the right balance in your life.

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6. Going for a pre- or post -dinner walk, staging an impromptu dance party or making a game out of household chores are a few ways to include your kids in a workout. Be a fitness model for your kids so they too will enjoy exercising regularly.

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7. Straight up, practicing good posture has many rewards. It helps you strengthen your back and core muscles. It also keep your spine properly aligned. Start the week by practicing exercises that emphasize balance to help improve your posture.

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8. People who exercise consistently report improved sleep quality, longer sleep, and less time falling asleep. If you want to feel better rested, consider adding a walk or workout to your daily routine!

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9. Signing up for a walk, run or ride with a charity that you support is a great way to do some good exercise at the same time! It may motivate you to train more and set a new challenge for yourself. And, there’s nothing like the feeling of giving back.

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10. Walking is a physical activity that can benefit most people, but there are ways to make it even better. Try a faster pace on different terrains and hills! Skip the elevator and take the stairs!

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11. Start the week on the right foot. According to recent studies, learning a new dance, such as waltz, engages the mind and body in a way that could slow the aging process. Not to mention, practicing new dance steps is a fun way to workout. So kick up those heels!

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12. Hydration is as important to your fitness routine as exercise. Your body needs water to regulate temperature, blood pressure, digestion and lubricate joints and body tissue. So always keep a water bottle nearby.

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13. High-intensity interval training is a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and less demanding action. This approach can be applied to any aerobic exercise, such as running, biking or swimming. A recent Harvard study suggests that participants enjoy HIIT workouts more, which makes them more motivated to keep up their exercise schedule.

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14. Your exercise schedule shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed. If it is, try paring down and focus on incorporating basic stretches or a short walk into your day. The key is consistency.

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15. Working out in the wintertime can be cold and dark at times, but playing uplifting music that revs up your heart rate will help to heat up your workout! Sometimes all you need is a fresh playlist to reinvigorate your fitness routine.

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