A Pressing Factor: Pain on the Top of the Head

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Pain Symptoms in head region is termed as a headache. It may be severe, life-threatening or harmless. A headache occurs in other than healthy individuals. According to the best neurological examination, Headache may be of primary and secondary. A primary problem is based on structural problems and not mainly due to any underlying disease. A secondary headache is due to some underlying illness, any infection, bleeding, tumors or some head injury.

Pain on the top of the head

Diagnose yourself

If we talk about the particular case of Headache on the Top of the Head, we come across several factors contributing this. The best term used to it is the vertex. A headache on the Top Head is accompanied by two muscles i.e. upper back and certain neck muscles. Trigger points are located on Sternocleidomastoid muscle length. Second muscle is semispinalus, which connects back to the skull. This muscle doesn’t allow a long time forwarding head posture while reading, studying and writing. Trigger points in these muscles are essential to examine a headache. A trigger point is a knot in the muscles that causes pain to the distant body areas.

Trigger points can be diagnosed by one and pressure can be released. By lengthening the muscles and applying pressure to the trigger points, a discomfort or resistance will arise. Increase the pressure until the discomfort vanishes. This practice must be done on each trigger point in a whole day.

Significant contributors

A headache on Top of the Head is often a consequence of tension. According to a study, this type of pain provokes from the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the neck. Treating neck will be the cure of discomfort.

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According to some people, migraine is designated as a cause of top of a head headache. Exertion and fatigue also contribute to this headache. There may be many reasons behind the top of a head headache. Lumber Puncture is a process of anesthesia and diagnosis. Post Lumber Puncture Headache is recorded after the procedure performed and this is considered a reason for a headache on the top of the head. It can be settled on lying flat for some time.

A postural headache is a contributing factor to the problem. Tinnitus, dizziness, and nausea can also be considered as contributing the disease. Pain on the top of the head is provoked by coughing fairly often. This can be diagnosed by brain scan to rule out any secondary cause. Some times exertion causes pain on the top head. This may initiate immediately after exercise. It is often characterized by pain accompanied by squeezing the head or clamp feel around the head.

There are some other phenomena contributing issue above i.e. Thunderclap a headache, related to sexual activity and bath related activity. Sometimes, benign tumors result in top head pains and if left untreated may prove fatal.

In females, by tightening hair in many styles and making ponytails, top head pain also occurs while making other hair styles and treatments. Therefore, it is recommended by neurologists to make your hair at ease so that head can be within its in its comfort level.

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