5 Possible Causes for Pain under Right Breast

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One of the rising concerns of modern girls is pain under right breast. There could be several possible causes of this pain, but it is important first to diagnose the exact reason and then take proper medication. This is a serious issue for girls, and they need to visit doctors immediately because if the cause is some disease, then it can be harmful and have long-term effects on the body. Sometimes the pain is mild which can be due to some minor infection or some food reaction. Mild pain does not harm breasts. The area below breast has many structures that include ribs, chest muscles, and other organs including lungs and upper part of the abdomen. The pain in the breast can be related to any of these parts, so there is need to treat the issue properly.

1. Rib Injury

One reason for breast pain could be a rib injury. If the rib is injured that may also affect the breasts and patient feels pain. Rib cage provides protection to the chest organs including ribs, cartilage and sternum. Damage to any one of these organs can cause damage the rib cage and ultimately lead to breast pain. This can result from an accident in which the body gets an external jerk causing rib cage damage. The pain is most likely felt during a cough or while taking deep breaths.

2. Costochondritis

Another common factor that may cause breast pain is costochondritis. This state is the inflammation of the cartilage that is attached to ribs. Costochondritis may result from an injury. The common reasons of costochondritis are trauma, severe coughing, any infection and even joint strains. The pain gets severe as the patient tries to perform any heavy physical task. Also, it gets strong when a person coughs and sneezes.

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3. Pleurisy

Another cause of breast pain is pleurisy when the internal lining of lungs and chest cavity inflates then pleura occurs. Pleura can be a result of respiration due to infection, or it may be due to trauma or exposure to toxic substances. Pleurisy causes chest pain, and the pain gets severe when a person coughs and sneezes. Pain can get sever and unbearable if the patient does any physical activity where more force is exerted.

4. Pancreatic Infection

One other common cause of breast pain is a pancreatic infection. When due to some medicinal or environmental reaction on the body, the pancreas gets infected and inflamed which is more likely to cause breast pain. This involves a chronic pain that can be transferred or spread to other parts of the body if does not get treated in time. Pancreatic infections usually involve duct blockage, excessive use of alcohol and high levels of triglycerides. These factors can be a major cause of pain under right breast.

5. Kidney Stones

Another cause of breast pain is the presence of stones in the kidney. This pain could be very severe and even Chronicle. It can damage the kidneys also, which is why it must be treated through medication immediately after the stones are detected in kidneys.

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