Are You in Need of A PCOS Diet Plan?

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What A Women Has to Go Through

There are many health problems a women faces throughout her life. And one of the most common health problems is the Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome; most 90 percent of the women suffer from this health issue. Usually a woman tends to suffer from this PCOS at any age before she reaches her menopause stage. What happens is that each month the ovaries make a number of follicles. One of these follicles is supposed produce an egg and the process of ovulation is supposed to take place so that a woman can get pregnant. However when a women suffers from PCOS no ovulation takes place as the follicle is unable to produce an egg. Such follicles are called cysts and they contain fluids and hormones.

There Are Many Other Symptoms of PCOS!

PCOS is very common amongst young teenage girls as well as amongst women of different ages. Some of the most common symptoms of Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome are irregular menstruation cycle, no menstruation at all, and excessive hair growth on the face, the chest, the back on your toes and on your stomach. This also causes infertility amongst many women and cause pelvic pain. One gains a lot of weight due to PCOS and suffers from high blood pressure as well as from sleeping issues.

What You Should Eat and What You Shouldn’t!

Researches fail to provide a particular cause for this health issue. However it is a known fact that PCOS often occurs when one’s insulin intake increases. When the amount of sugar in one’s bloodstream increases, there is a higher chance of PCOS to occur. In order to prevent PCOS it is vital for you to change your eating habits. You will need to follow a pcos diet plan; this diet plan is similar to any diabetic diet plan. It becomes necessary for you to control the amount of sugar in your bloodstream and to eat foods which contain low amounts of sugar.

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Make sure that your diet includes low amounts of sugar. Eat food which contain loads of fiber such a whole grain products. Avoid all sugar containing carbohydrates such as white flour. You must not eat any product which is made using white flour. Also your pcos diet plan must not include saturated fats or any type of trans fat products as well. You should opt for unsaturated oil for cooking meals; use unsaturated olive oil for cooking food this going to benefit you a lot. Secondly in order to prevent PCOS you must eat fish especially fatty fishes as well as olives! All these are going to benefit you!

Just make sure that whatever you eat has low amount of calories. Make sure to check the calories listed on the products before buying. This way you will be ale to loose weight easily as well and a low calorie diet is best for women with PCOS. Include protein in your diet plan as well, eat nuts and seeds and make sure to avoid all sugary junk. This way you will be able to fight PCOS!

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