How to Nail Vertical Jump Training

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If you have enough guts and enough strength then you are eligible for vertical jumping. This is a fitness technique that makes the muscles strong. This is quite hard to do as it requires a lot of practice and stamina. Vertical jumping is a technique in which the person elevates his or her own body in gravity above the vertical surface with the help and strength of the muscles. It can also be used as a measuring tool to detect how high an athlete or a jumper can jump from a stagnant plane surface.

Vertical jump training requires the supervision of a trained and competent athlete or trainer who is familiar with the basis of this jump. In the beginning, this requires a lot of practice because one wrong move can result in a broken leg or head. The person should learn the techniques before practicing it. In the initial stages a vertical jump should be made form a slight height and then slowly and gradually it should be done by raising the height from the ground. The training can take form months to years to nail the right jump.

vertical jump training

How to Increase Vertical Jump

Though practice makes a man perfect certain things should be done to increase the length of your vertical jump.

Trigger Points

Trigger points are located all over the body. Have you ever had this experience that at times you feel that your legs and arms feel shorter and later they seem longer? Yes, this usually happens because these trigger points tie a knot in your muscles which shortness the length. By getting rid of these muscles the length will be increased and the muscles will gain strength.

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Bulgarian Squats

No one can start a vertical jump practice without carrying out Bulgarian squats. The major purpose of these squats is to provide enough strength to your muscles so that they can hold the weight of your body while you stand on the ground after the jump. The squats are easy to do all you have to do is place your leg on the bench, stand straight and hold a dumbbell. Bend down until your knee touches the ground. repeat this 5 minutes before trying on a vertical jump.

Jumping Rope

Another thing that should be practiced before the jump is by hopping over a rope. Doing this several times will prepare your body and moreover your legs to bear the strength of your body while vertical jump training.

If you think that you can achieve the best vertical jump in one go then you are wrong because it requires a practice of several months. Have you ever seen the basketball players take a perfect vertical jump? Yes! They do not achieve the perfect jump but it takes a practice of years to get it right. So if you want to learn vertical jumping then acquiring proper training from a professional is mandatory.

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